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Does UPS, FedEx and DHL ship to a PO BOX in the USA?

This is a question that many people, even some high-level USPS employees do not answer correctly, fully or properly.

The correct, full and proper answer is:

In most cases, no. In some cases, yes. UPS and FedEx have special programs that are available to merchants or vendors, who have a "contract" for the service called UPS SurePost and FedEx SmartPost, respectively. They ship the package to the US Post Office where the PO Box is located and then, the USPS takes care of the rest.

These programs have existed for several years now, but seemingly are not advertised. Hence, some merchants do not know about them.

For many years, DHL (whose headquarters are in Germany) has had a partnership with the USPS, especially for the tail-end delivery of packages. DHL delivers to a PO BOX in the USA, in the same way that UPS SurePost and FedEx SmartPost packages are delivered. However, it seems that no contract is needed with DHL. Reference



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