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Spiritual World or Spiritual Plane

All of the religions in the world involve and require the existence of a spirit world or spiritual plane. However, scientists say a lot that either denies or implies the non-existence of the spirit world. This is troublesome for most people, especially those who are religious and/or spiritual.

It is difficult to prove, especially prove scientifically, that there is a spirit world because it does not exist physically and the usual senses that human beings have do not register anything in the spiritual plane. However, there are at least two phenomenon that exists today that cast doubt as to the non-existence of the spirit world.

These two phenomenon can be seen in two excellent films, both of which are currently available on Amazon Prime Video:

The first video is titled The Oracle-Reflections on Self (52 minutes). It is about the State Oracle of Tibet or Nechung. The Dali Lama, who is the leader of Tibetan Buddhism, talks and says much about the Oracle and the practice of consulting spirits. This is the best video and a must see for all religious people.

The second video is titled The Magick of Solomon (81 minutes - 1996). In this film, anthropologist and ceremonial magician Poke Runyon reveals the ancient practice of divination via scrying. Runyon mentions that this practice was also successfully reproduced by other people and no special talent is needed.

Some people may have heard of scrying by the famous Oracle of Delphi in ancient Greece, Nostradamus or psychics who used a crystal ball. To scry, a person usually gazes into a mirror or other reflective surface like a cauldron filled with a liquid, pond or crystal ball, and with a certain question or intention in mind or say an incantation.

Beware that scrying is a very dangerous practice. A person who develops the ability to scry can begin to scry without using the mirror spontaneously and see and hear spirits, including miniature or gigantic people and animals. Furthermore, the messages received from spirits can be good or bad as well as true or false.


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