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Each human being living on the physical plane (or material world) has a soul. This soul is made in God, Our Creator's image, which is indescribable because it can change or be invisible.

Our souls can not be seen using our physical eyes because they are not made of physical matter. However, our souls can be seen using our third or fifth eye (related to our pineal or pituitary glands, respectively), but our souls are formless and can change in appearance,

Our soul is the only part of us that lives forever. Each soul contains a complete, detailed record of every moment of its existence (since its creation), including all earthly lives on the physical plane.

According to most of the best yogis and psychic masters, the soul is situated in our Heart Chakra (or energy center). They consider the Heart Chakra as the "seat of the soul". The center of the Heart Chakra is located in the spine, directly behind the heart. According to psychic Kim O'Neill, in her book titled How to Talk With Your Angels on page 109, "I can often psychically "see" their soul as a tangible organ located right behind the heart."

Oddly, Dr. Zhi Gang Sha writes in his (New York Times Bestseller) Soul Mind Body Medicine (2006 New World Library) on page 24 "For human beings, it is located in lower abdomen. After you open your spiritual channels, especially your third eye, you will be able to see your soul in your lower abdomen, confirming that it is a real entity inside of your body.". However, he later adds on page 25, "Further, your soul can move around within your body." Then, Dr. Sha states again "For most people, the soul is located in the Lower Dan Tian, a fist-sized energy center in your lower abdomen." [Note that the "Lower Dan Tian" is the Chinese name for the Pelvic Chakra, also known as Swadhisdhana (in Sanskrit for yogis) that is about one and a half inches below the navel.]

It may be assumed that the location of your soul depends on how spiritually evolved you are. The soul will move up from the Pelvic chakra to the Heart chakra to the Third Eye chakra as you evolve spiritually. The Third Eye chakra is usually the seat of the soul for spiritual masters like Buddha, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Confucius, etc..

Our souls are without gender (or sex). Male and female sexes are a duality that exists only in the physical plane.

Note that this also means that God, our Creator is without gender (neither male nor female). Major religions that view God as being without gender include Buddhism and Confucianism.

However, some religions refer to God, our Creator being either male or female. It not totally improper to consider God, our Creator as our father or mother. Loosely speaking, God, our Creator may be regarded as both, the father and mother of our souls.

Major religions that have taken a paternalistic view of God (as father) include Judaism and Christianity. Major religions that have taken a maternalistic view of God (as mother) include Hinduism (with the many manifestations of the goddess Shakti) and those of ancient Egyptians (with the goddess Isis).

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