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Religious Sites to Visit


  • Indonesia

    • (Buddhist) Temple of Borobudur (Monastery on the Hill)
      Island of Java

      This vast temple was built circa 800 A.D.. It consists of 440 statues of Buddha on almost 4 acres.


  • England

    • Beaulieu Abbey
      SO42 7ZN
      Telephone: +44 (0) 15 9061 2345

      This abbey was founded by Cistercian monks in 1204 and monks lived there until 1538. There are a number of stories about the ghost of monks still being there.

    • Glastonbury Abbey
      The Abbey Gatehouse
      Magdalene Street
      BA6 9EL
      United Kingdom
      Telephone: +44 (0) 14 5883 2267

      This abbey was rediscovered and excavated in 1907 by archeologist Frederick Bligh Bond, who communicated with the spirits of monks who lived there about 400 years earlier (via "automatic writing" through Bond's friend Captain John Allen Bartlett) to get details regarding its location.

    • Westminster Abbey
      SW1P 3PA
      United Kingdom
      Telephone: +44 (0) 20 7222 5152

      Built between 1045 and 1065, replacing an earlier one (with unknown appearance). Consecrated 28 December l065. The abbey was later expanded/rebuilt several times ( in l220, l245-l272, l376-l5l7, and l745).

    • Winchester Cathedral
      The Cathedral Office
      1, The Close, Winchester, Hampshire, SO23 9LS.
      United Kingdom
      Telephone: +44 (0) 19 6285 7200

      This Christian cathedral has its origin in the 7th century.

  • Greece

    • ***old Church of the Protothronos byzantine church of Protothronos, a 10th century reconstruction of an older church, with double layers of frescoes.
      Island of Naxos

      (had a fresco) Protothronos Virgin church at Halki (Chalki?) Halki or Tragea (16 Km from Naxos Town) once administrative centre, is a beautiful village with long history. It is situated in the middle of an olive grove with towers built by Byzantines and Venetians. Protothronos Virgin church at Halki with fine frescoes from Early Christian, middle Byzantine and late Byzantine periods is worth a visit. Saint George Diasorites is a brilliant 11th century church with marvelous architecture and frescoes

  • Ireland

    • St. Patrick's Purgatory
      Lough Derg
      County Donegal
      Telephone: +35 37 1986 1518

      This where St. Patrick was reputed to have fasted for 40 days in the 5th century.

  • Switzerland

Middle East

  • Saudi Arabia

    • Kaaba (also known as Ka'bah, Kabah and Caaba) sanctuary, which was first built by Abraham and his son Ishmael around a large reddish-brown rock called the Black Stone.
      City of Mecca (also known as Makka or Makkah)

      This is the birthplace of the prophet Muhammad, founder of the religion Islam, in 570 A.D.. During the last month of each year of the Muslim calender, which began in 622 A.D. when Muhammad left Mecca for Medina, about 4 million muslims journey to Mecca in a holy pilgrimage known as the "hadj".

  • Turkey

    • Church of Hagia Sophia (Holy Wisdom)
      Istanbul (formerly Constantinople of the Byzantine Empire)

      This church, that currently stands, was opened on December 26, 537 for the Byzantine Empire, which was the first great Christian civilization after the fall of the Roman Empire. In the 15th century, the church was converted into an Islamic mosque for about five centuries. In 1935, the Hagia Sophia was converted into a museum.

North America

  • United States of America

    • California

      • Mission San Miguel Arcangel
        San Miguel CA 93451

        This mission was founded by Father Fermin Lasuen on July 25, 1797. It is the 16th mission in a 21 Franciscan mission chain in in (Alta) California. (Note that the mission was damaged by the earthquake on December 22nd, 2003. The regular Gift Shop and Museum are scheduled to reopen in late 2005.)

      • Mormon Temple
        10777 W Santa Monica Blvd
        Los Angeles, California 90025-4718
        Telephone: 214-220-2727 310-474-5569

      • Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum & Planetarium
        1342 Naglee Ave
        San Jose, California 95191

    • Illinois

      • First Methodist Church 77 West Washington Street
        Chicago, Illinois

        Also known as the Chicago Temple. Its Gothic spire rises 550 feet above street level, making it one of the world's tallest churches.

      • Bahá'í House of Worship
        112 Linden Avenue
        Wilmette, Illinois (near Lake Michigan)
        Telephone: 847-853-2300

        This is North America's only Bahá'í temple. It is a landmark structure that took over 3o years to build and was completed in 1953.

    • Louisiana

      • Christ Church Cathedral (Episcopal)
        2919 St. Charles Avenue
        New Orleans, Louisiana 70115
        Telephone: 504-895-6602

        This ministry was started in 1805.

      • First Baptist Church of New Orleans
        5290 Canal Blvd.
        New Orleans, Louisiana 70124
        Telephone: 504-482-5775

        Established in 1843. Current church was built in 2004.

    • New York

      • Friends Quaker Meeting House
        137-16 Northern Boulevard
        Queens, New York 11354
        Telephone: 718-358-9636

        Built in 1694.

      • Cathedral of St. John the Divine
        1047 Amsterdam Avenue (between 110th-112th Streets)
        Manhattan, New York 10025
        Telephone: 212-932-7314

        This is thw world's largest Gothic cathedral.

      • Central Synagogue
        123 E. 55th Street
        Manhattan, New York 10022
        Telephone: 212-838-5122

        This is a Reform Jewish religious and educational organization.

      • St. Patrick's Cathedral
        Fifth Avenue at 50th Street
        Manhattan, New York 10022
        Telephone: 212-753-2261

        This is the 11th largest church in the world and was constructed in French Gothic style in 1879.

      • St. Peter's Church
        619 Lexington Avenue (54th Street)
        Manhattan, New York 10022
        Telephone: 212-935-2200

      • St. Vartan Armenian Cathedral
        630 Second Avenue (34th Street)
        Manhattan, New York 10016
        Telephone: 212-686-0710

      • Temple Emanu-El
        Fifth Avenue at 65th Street
        Manhattan, New York 10021
        Telephone: 212-744-1400

        This is the largest modern synagogue with early Romanesque architecture incorporating Byzantine and Near-Eastern designs.

    • Massachusetts

      • Christian Science Center
        Boston, Massachusetts

      • Old North Church
        Salem Street
        Boston, Massachusetts

      • Park Street Church
        One Park Street
        Boston, Massachusetts 02108
        Telephone: 617-523-0263

        Founded in 1809.

      • Old Ship Church
        First Parish in Hingham,
        Unitarian Universalist
        90 Main Street
        Hingham, Massachusetts 02043
        Telephone: 781-749-1679

        This is the oldest meetinghouse in continuous ecclesiastical use in the United States, first gathered in 1635.

      • Trinity Church
        Boston, Massachusetts

    • Pennsylvania

      • Christ Church
        (at Independence National Historical Park)
        20 N. Second Street (between Market and Arch Streets)
        Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
        Telephone: 215-922-1695

        This is the founding church of the Protestant Episcopal Church and is known as "The Nation's Church". George Washington, patriots, loyalists, heroes and traitors have worshiped at this church since 1695.

      • Congregation Mikveh Israel
        44 N. 4th Street
        Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
        Telephone: 215-735-1416

        This is the oldest congregation in Philadelphia and second oldest in the United States, founded in 1740.

      • First Presbyterian Church of Philadelphia
        201 S. 21st Street
        Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
        Telephone: 215-567-0532

        This was founded in 1698.

      • First Unitarian Church of Philadelphia
        2125 Chestnut Street
        Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
        Telephone: 215-563-3980

        This was established in 1796 and the first church in North America to call itself Unitarian. Current church was built in 1885.

      • The Free Quaker Meeting House
        Fifth and Arch Streets
        Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
        Telephone: 215-923-6777

        This ia a small original Quaker meeting place filled with a number of period furnishings.

      • Congregation Mikveh Israel
        (at Independence National Historical Park)
        44 N. Fourth Street
        Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
        Telephone: 215-922-5446

        This is a historic Jewish congregation, that is referred to as "the synagogue of the Revolution".

      • Historic Olde St. Augustine's Catholic Church
        4th Street between Race and Vine Streets
        Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
        Telephone: 215-627-1838

        This was founded in 1796.

      • Mother Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church
        419 Richard Allen Avenue (S. 6th Street)
        Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
        Telephone: 215-925-0616

        This was founded by Richard Allen in 1792 and is the oldest piece of property continuously owned by African Americans.

      • Old First Reformed Church
        151 North Fourth Street
        Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19106
        Telephone: 215-922-4566

        This is one of the oldest German Reformed Churches founded in 1727. It is now housed in a 1837 Federal-style building.

      • Old Pine Street Presbyterian Church
        412 Pine Street
        Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
        Telephone: 215-925-8051

        This is the only remaining Colonial Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia. Was home to John Adams and Dr. Benjamin Rush.

      • Old St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Church
        321 Willings Alley (between 3rd and 4th Streets and Walnut & Spruce Streets)
        Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
        Telephone: 215-923-1733

        This site was founded by Jesuits and is the site where Catholic Mass was first legally celebrated in Philadelphia in 1733. Current church was built in 1838.

      • Old St. Mary's Church
        252 S. 4th Street
        Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
        Telephone: 215-923-7930

        This was the first cathedral of the Diocese of Philadelphia.

      • Quaker Information Center
        1501 Cherry Street
        Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
        Telephone: 215-241-7024

        This site provides information about the Religious Society of Friends.

      • Society Hill Synagogue
        418 Spruce Street
        Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
        Telephone: 215-922-6590

        This is the second oldest synagogue in Philadelphia, built in 1829.

      • St. Georges's United Methodist Church
        235 N. 4th Street
        Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
        Telephone: 215-925-7788

        This is the oldest continuously used United Methodist Church in America, since 1769.

      • St. John the Evangelist Church
        21 S. 13th Street
        Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
        Telephone: 215-563-4145

        This is in the heart of Philadelphia and founded in 1830.

      • St. Mark's Church
        1625 Locust Street
        Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
        Telephone: 215-735-1416

        This is a national landmark and example of Gothic Revival built in 1848.

      • St. Peter's Church
        3rd and Pine Streets
        Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
        Telephone: 215-925-5968

        This is a Colonial Episcopal Church built in 1761.

      • Tenth Presbyterina Church
        1701 Delancey Street
        Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
        Telephone: 215-735-7688

        This church has been servicing Center City Philadelphia since 1829.

      • Tindley Temple United Methodist Church
        762 S. Broad Street
        Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
        Telephone: 215-735-0442

        This is the home of the late Dr. Charles A. Tindley, father of gospel music.

    • Tennessee

      • Mason Temple Church of God in Christ
        930 Mason Street
        Memphis, Tennessee 38126
        Telephone: 901-578-3830

        This is the international headquarters for the Church of God in Christ, houses the tomb of Bishop C.H. Mason, founder of the Church of God in Christ, site of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s last speech and 1993 address by President Bill Clinton on America's need for spiritual renewal and the NAFTA Agreement.

      • St. Mary's Catholic Church and Grotto of Lourdes and Meditation Garden
        155 Market at 257 Third
        Memphis, Tennessee 38105-3518
        Telephone: 901-522-9420

        This is a national landmark and example of Gothic Revival built in 1848.

    • Texas

      • Cathedral Santuario de Gualalupe
        2215 Ross Ave
        Dallas, TX
        Telephone: 214-871-1362
        This is a historic Gothic Revival Catholic church built in 1898-1902 and has served as the base for Dallas' Roman Catholic Bishop.

      • First Baptist Church and Educational Complex
        1707 San Jacinto
        Dallas, Texas 75201
        Telephone: 214-969-0111

      • First Presbyterian Church
        408 Park Avenue
        Dallas, Texas 75201-5697
        Telephone: 214-748-8051

      • First United Methodist Church
        1928 Ross Avenue
        Dallas, Texas 75201
        Telephone: 214-220-2727

      • St. Paul United Methodist Church
        1816 Routh St
        Dallas, Texas 75201-2516
        Telephone: 214-922-0000

    • Utah

      • Mormon Tabernacle (50 E. North Temple)
        Mormon Temple (50 E. North Temple)
        Church Office Building (50 E. North Temple Street, 801-240-2190)
        Museum of Church History & Art (45 North West Temple, 801-240-3310)
        all at Temple Square
        Salt Lake City, Utah

        This is also known as the Church of Latter Saints.

      • Cathedral of the Madeleine
        331 East South Temple
        Salt Lake City, Utah
        Telephone: 801-328-8941

        This is a Roman Catholic Gothic cathedral completed in 1909 with German stained glass windows.

      • Cathedral Church of St. Mark
        on 100 South (between 200 East and 200 East)
        Salt Lake City, Utah
        Telephone: 801-322-3400

      • First Presbyterian Church
        South Temple and D Street
        Salt Lake City, Utah
        Telephone: 801-363-3889

      • Greek Orthodox Church
        300 South and 300 West
        Salt Lake City, Utah
        Telephone: 801-328-9681

    • Washington, D.C. area

      • National Cathedral
        Wisconsin and Massachusetts Avenues NW
        Washington, D.C.
        Telephone: 202-537-6200

        This is the world's sixth largest Gothic cathedral.

      • Pope John Paul II Cultural Center
        Washington, D.C.

        There are modern museums with interactive galleries allowing visitors to learn about religions throughout the world and also, regulary displayed art treasures from the Vatican museums.

      • Saint John's Church
        16th and H Streets NW
        Washington, D.C.

        This is known as the Church of Presidents, as every president since James Madison has occupied Pew 54 on some occasion.

      • Christ Church
        118 N,. Washington Street
        Alexandria, Virginia
        Telephone: 703-549-1450

        This was the first Episcopal Church in Alexandria and had George and Martha Washington and Robert E. Kee among its parishioners.

South America

  • Brazil

  • Peru

    • Machu Picchu ("Lost City of the Incas")
      Andes Mountains, about 44 miles (70 km) northwest of Qosqo (or Cusco)

      Machu Picchu is a small city built high on a mountain ridge in the 15th century. Scholars believe that Machu Picchu was a place for Incan empire royalty, but Machu Picchu also has spiritual elements and was occupied by Inca priests.


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