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When I enrolled in my first Yoga Nidra Meditation class, there was no mention of chakras. Then, I noticed a CD for sale at the yogi studio titled Chakra Balancing & Realignment an Amrit Method (TM) of Yoga Nidra CD's by Yogi Amrit Desai.

I already knew what chakras were and their importance. So, I brought a copy of the CD and used it. I can't say for sure what happened, except that I started to seriously work on my chakras, kundalini and prana. Prana is basic to the chakras, while kundalini is more advanced.


Prana (also known as chi, qi or ki) is a form of energy that can flow in and out of the human body. Each person needs a particular amount of prana to function at his or her best or peak.

If too much prana leaves a human body, the consciousness of that particular person also leaves resulting in an official death. In this sense, prana is really our life force.

Sick people are often low on prana and need more prana, especially in the particular area(s) of the body that is(are) sick, unhealthy or weak. Also, prana usually should be balanced in the body.

I first learned about prana when I took Tai Chi lessons with Master C.K. Chu (at Aaron Banks Martial Arts School in Manhattan, New York and later at his own studio Tai Chi Center of New York circa 1970). I was fortunate to find Master C.K. Chu, who was a student of Cheng Man-Ch'ing, the first Chinese person to ever write in a book about Tai Chi Chuan (Yang Style) titled T'AI-CHI in English for Westerners (1967, Charles E. Tuttle Co., Rutland, Vermont) and the most famous Tai Chi master of his generation.

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese method of building up prana in the body. This method involves a series of flowing movements done in slow motion. Tai Chi is also referred to as a soft form of the ancient Chinese martial art called "kung fu" (also spelled "gung fu") because all of the moves are fighting moves (or ones that can be used to fight).

There are other ways to awaken prana including a specialty in yoga called pranayama involving breath work. There are various breathing exercises in pranayama including the "full yogic breath", "alternate nostril breathing", "breath of fire", etc.. Advanced pranayama can involve the use of a neti pot to clean the nostrils. (Also, note that clean and/or purified air is desirable for use with pranayama.)

Pranayama can be learned from a knowledgeable yoga instructor or perhaps, a good book on the subject. One of the best pranayama books is titled Prana Pranayama Prana Vidya by Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati (2002, Yoga Publications Trust, Munger, Bihar, India).

Another way to accumulate and balance prana in the body was developed by energy medicine expert Donna Eden. This can be learned from Ms. Eden's energy medicine books and/or workshops.


I first learned about the chakras while I was a member the Association of Research and Enlightenment, Inc. (related to famed psychic Edgar Cayce) in the late 1970's. At that time, the only reference book available in English for Westerners was "Chakras" by Leadbeater. Unfortunately, this book left much to be desired.

While prana travels through many thousands of nadis or channels throughout the human body, chakras are energy centers that exist only at certain junctions. Some people have compared nadis to modern day electrical power lines and chakras to electrical power relay stations.

Most authors, who have written about the chakras, identify seven major chakras with the following colors (that adheres to the fact that color frequencies increase as you go up from the root to the crown chakras):

1. Mooladhara (or Root Chakra) located at the perineum and directly below the Cowper's glands (a.k.a. bulbourethal glands in males) and Bartholin's glands (in females) - red color
2. Swadhisdhana (or Pelvic Chakra) located in the base of the spine and related to the testes (in males) and ovaries (in females) - orange color
3. Manipura (or Navel Chakra) located in the spine directly in back of the navel and adrenal glands - yellow color
4. Anahata (or Heart Chakra) located in the spine directly in back of the heart - green color
5. Vishuddhi (or Throat Chakra) located in the spine directly in back of the pit of the throat and thyroid gland- blue color
6. Ajna (or Third Eye Ckakra) located in between (and slightly above) the eye brows and center of the head, where the pineal gland is - indigo, purple or violet color
7. Sahasrara (or Crown Chakra) located at the top of the head and above the pituitary gland - purple, violet or white in color

However, I would strongly argue for an eighth major chakra. This chakra may be called the "Thymus Chakra", a separate chakra related to the thymus gland (and not the heart). Anahata (or Heart Chakra) is related to the heart only (and not the thymus gland).

99.9% of the chakra authors are now confusing the heart chakra with the thymus chakra. Note that the human heart is below the thymus gland, which is located just below the neck, in the human body standing up. Most authors (including Johnathan Goldman) have assigned the "green" color to the heart chakra. (Note that Swami Satyananda Saraswati assigned "blue" to the heart chakra, while famed drummer Layne Redmond assigned "crimson red" to the heart chakra.)

Instead, it is the thymus chakra (not the heart chakra) that is green in color. Green is the "healthy" color (as in green vegetation) and it is the thymus gland that regulates the immune system (and health as far as immunity goes).

The heart chakra is pink (not green) in color. Pink is the color of "love" and represents our heartfelt emotions. Pink is also the color you get when mixing red (the color of mooladhara) and white (the color of sahasrara) and is the color of anahata, which is located at the midpoint between mooladhara and sahasrara.

With 8 major chakras we have:

1. Mooladhara (or Root Chakra) located at the perineum and directly below the Cowper's glands (a.k.a. bulbourethal glands in males) and Bartholin's glands (in females) - red color
2. Swadhisdhana (or Pelvic Chakra) located in the base of the spine and related to the testes (in males) and ovaries (in females) - orange color
3. Manipura (or Navel Chakra) located in the spine directly in back of the navel and adrenal glands - yellow color
4. Anahata (or Heart Chakra) located in the spine directly in back of the heart - "pink" color
5. "Thymus Chakra" located in the spine directly in back of the thymus gland - green color
6. Vishuddhi (or Throat Chakra) located in the spine directly in back of the pit of the throat and thyroid gland- blue color
7. Ajna (or Third Eye Ckakra) located in between (and slightly above) the eye brows and center of the head, where the pineal gland is - indigo, purple or violet color
8. Sahasrara (or Crown Chakra) located at the top of the head and above the pituitary gland - purple, violet or white in color

Chakras are dormant or awakened to varying degrees in people, based on each person's particular evolutionary stage. Also, within a particular person, some chakras may be activated more than others. Therefore, different methods may be needed to activate, energize and/or balance our chakras.

One method that can be used for chakras with low levels of energy is crystal meditation (i.e. - using crystals like amethyst, rose quartz, etc.). For beginners, I recommend buying an inexpensive kit containing crystals and manual called Crystal Meditation by Sue Parlett (2004, MetroBooks; ISBN 0-7607-6478-6) and a complete reference book titled Healing Crystals and Gemstones by Dr. Flora Peschek-Bohmer and Gisela Schreiber (2002, Konecky & Konecky, 72 Ayers Point Rd., Old Saybrook, CT 06475; ISBN 1-56852-442-0)

Another method to activate chakras is to listen to chakra music, especially ones that uses bija mantras. Bija mantras are sounds that energize and balance the chakras. Unfortunately, based on my experience, some chakra music is lousy and had no effect on me. So, I only recommend the following that helped me:

Chakra Chants
by Jonathan Goldman
Publisher: Spirit Music (1998)

Vocal Toning the Chakras
by Jonathan Goldman
Publisher: Sounds True (2005)
ISBN: 1-59179-282-7

chanting the chakras
by Layne Redmond
Publisher: Sounds True (2001)
ISBN: 1-56455-927-0

There are also the yoga nidra CD's that deals with the chakras. For more information, see my web page about yoga nidra regarding recommended yoga nidra CD's.

Once you learn the bija mantras, you can simply repeat them to yourself whenever desired. Also, if you learn yantras (or psychic symbols) for the chakras, you can simply visualize them whenever desired. Furthermore, as other people have discovered, I have found that working on chakras in the yoga nidra state is more effective than in the waking state.

Chinese Energy Centers

Upper Dan Tien
Middle Dan Tien
Lower Dan Tien


I first learned about kundalini from my chiropractor circa 1980. He used Applied Kinseology to test my kundalini with all of my fingers pointed down at the center of the crown of my head and saying the word "kundalini". Mine was strong then and on numerous later occasions.

Unfortunately, the only book about kundalini that was available at that time was Serpent Power by Arthur Avalon. It was a very impressive text, but contained very little information that was of practical use. So, decades past before I revisited the subject of kundalini.

I now know that my kundalini was not as strong then as it is now. Also, like the chakras, there are varying degrees of intensity with kundalini. Furthermore, it was not until May 9, 2006, when I first felt the real power of kundalini in me.

However, as dramatic an event kundalini awakening is, it should not to be mistaken for samadhi, nirvana or enlightenment. That stage is still far away, as long as a hiking trip from New York to California. Kundalini awakening does not make a person a guru.

How a person handles and copes with kundalini depends on his or her particular evolutionary stage. Some advanced individuals are supposedly born with kundalini already awakened in them.

Beware that for those who are not spiritually evolved or ready, kundalini will "burn" (or destroy) their minds. Kundalini is also appropriately called "serpent fire" and "spirit fire". Therefore, I refrain from recommending anyone to work with their kundalini.

Only those who are fully prepared for spiritual advancement should ever attempt to work with kundalini. They should also have a guru or knowledgeable guide. For them, I can recommend three very important books. (Send an email to me for the titles.)


I visited your website on my search for information on how to activate my thymus gland as it is a necessary next step for me on my journey (the journey which I became aware of last year in July when my kundalini became active after a karmic cleansing. It was, as has been described in various forms, for me like a “divine cool breeze” from head to foot for at least 2-3 days and all the baggage that I had been carrying for over 50 years all dissipated instantly. This started me on my journey and it was then that I understood my purpose in life which brings me back to your website.)

You mentioned that there are only a couple of books on kundalini that you would recommend so I would be obliged to know what these titles are so I can look into the purchase of them and also know from you the better one to get. Furthermore, I would like more information on the activation of the thymus gland which should aid me on my journey. Your assistance on this would also be appreciated.

Thank you

B.L. - 11 August 2006

1) Karma Cleansing

"Karma cleansing" (or "karmic Cleansing") is equivalent to "forgiving us of our sins" in the Christian Holy Bible. Karma cleansing is necessary in order to allow a human being to develop spiritually and attain the highest level of spiritually in any lifetime (as a human being), which has been referred to as "nirvana" or "enlightenment".

Nirvana would be unattainable, if a person was still carrying bad karma from past lives. Karma (from past lives and a person's current life) influences everything that happens to a person including his actions and reactions to current events (or happenings in the now).

There are several ways to perform karma cleansing. The method that is normally associated with karma cleansing involves kundalini and would be better referred to as "kundalini karma cleansing" or simply "kundalini cleansing". When a person is ready spiritually, kundalini will clean everything that needs to be cleaned in preparation for a higher spiritual level and ultimately, nirvana.

Any instructor, who helps other people perform karma cleansing, should first teach a course about kundalini to those people. It is reckless behavior and a sin to not do so.

Also, it should be noted that Kundalini cleansing is a relatively slow process that you can feel happening. Some authors write that it takes about two years. In my opinion, the time it takes to complete varies with each person, but usually takes at least a few months.

Furthermore, it is important to mention that there are at least two copies of karma. The first copy of karma that can be cleansed is located in the chakras.

The second copy of karma is located in our soul and can not be cleansed as easily as the first copy. This copy of karma remains with the soul and is used in determining our future lives. Also, this copy of karma has to be worked off using a merit and demerit system over as many lifetimes as needed, until all sins or bad deeds are balanced with good deeds.

All debts eventually have to paid in full during this lifetime and/or future lives. With the Law of Karma, justice is always and ultimately fair and perfect for everyone.

Note that karma includes thoughts (i.e. bad thoughts and good thoughts) as well as deeds. Furthermore, karma continues to be recorded immediately after every cleansing.

Recently, I learned of another karma cleansing method based on a "guided yoga nidra meditation" induction technique called "rapid visualization". Basically, the guide reads a list of symbols that may trigger garbage inside of us to exit through our screen of awareness. (I can testify that this method works, as I seen a flood of images at times. Also, note that when using this method, "don't touch" the garbage.) Unfortunately, this method is really limited to bits and pieces of karma, that are related to the particular symbols read. So, it could take forever to fully clean oneself of karma using this method.

The best known method of karma cleaning was taught by Jesus Christ of Nazareth in the Christian Lord's Prayer. By praying (to our "Father who art in heaven") and forgiving our debtors (or forgiving everyone who has done us wrong and owes us throughout time), we will be forgiven of our debts (or our karma cleaned). While this method may seem easy to do, it is actually quite difficult to do successfully as it is based on our sincerity in forgiving others and actual forgiveness. The very moment a person fails in forgiving, his/her debts (or bad karma) are back.

A fourth way of karma cleaning involves a cash payment to specific people to do it. I know a palm reader, who offered this service. Supposedly, these people, usually with the aid of entities in the astral and other planes, will clean your karma for you.

2) Activating the Thymus Chakra

There are dozens and dozens of books about chakras with significant differences including contradictions. You can find these books in your favorite bookstore(s), brick-and-mortar and online ones as well. There are also additional chakra books that are self-published by religious/spiritual organizations, like Rosicrucianism and Theosophy.

Some books may contain errors, but it is highly unlikely for all of the differences to be due to errors. It is difficult to decide who to believe and follow.

My intuitive feeling is that the authors are people, who are simply different. They have different personalities, viewpoints, command of the English language, writing ability, etc.. Furthermore, the authors may be at different evolutionary spiritual stages of life with different chakras experiences in different planes or dimensions. So, it is like reading significantly different movie reviews of the same exact movie.

However, I am not totally sure as to the reason(s) for these discrepancies. So, I do not want to add my personal instruction and confusion as to how to activate any chakra.

Instead, please refer to any or all of these books about chakras to get general instructions on how to activate or work with any chakra. Since your question is really a good one that can help a lot of people to improve their immune system, I will also try to suggest a couple of specific books.

One excellent way and probably, the safest method to work with chakras is by using natural crystals. In the kit that I mentioned above, Crystal Meditation by Sue Parlett (2004, MetroBooks; ISBN 0-7607-6478-6), there is a chapter on "Crystal Healing and the Chakras" that curiously mentions "Heart: rose quartz or aventurine; pink or green..."

(Note that rose quartz crystal is pink, aventurine crystal is green and it makes absolutely no sense to use two vastly different colors like pink and green on the same exact chakra. Also, emerald, jade and/or malachite can be used to help activate the thymus. The darker the green, the better.)

Another general method used in working with chakras that is mentioned in books is massage. Whenever using massage on any chakra, I recommend limiting it to "very gentle massage for just 2 to 3 seconds". On the other hand, energy medicine expert Donna Eden teaches (in her books and workshop) people to tap their thymus gland (same spot on the body) with thumb and fingers for 12 seconds (daily). IMPORTANT: Before using this method, please verify this information in Donna Eden's book(s).

3) More About Kundalini

If you already have kundalini activated, you should read every book about kundalini as soon as possible. Kundalini is really a very important evolutionary spiritual energy. So, it is wise to learn as much about kundalini as possible, even by those who are deeply spiritual and have a guide. Also, if your kundalini was activated by karmic cleansing, then you should go back to whoever helped you do the karmic cleansing.

The oldest detailed documentation about kundalini is in Tantric scriptures and books based on the Tantric scriptures. Tantra is a system that was developed before yoga by rishis in India about 5000 years ago.

Kundalini normally resides in our causal body layer (Karana-Sharira). There are numerous layers of the body including those that have been named physical, astral and causal. Depending on religious philosophy, these layers are usually grouped into five or seven major body layers, each of which contain a number of sub-layers.

According to the Tantric scriptures and Advaita Vedanta religious philosophy of Hinduism, there are five koshas, sheaths or major body layers. The causal body is usually considered as a sub-layer of the fourth Vijnanamaya Kosha (related to intuition) or fifth highest Anandamaya Kosha (related to bliss). In modern psychology, the causal body is referred to as the "unconscious mind".

In yoga, information and instructions regarding kundalini has been divided into several forms of yoga including "Kriya Yoga", "Kundalini Yoga", "Mantra Yoga", "Nada Yoga" and "Tantra Yoga". (See my web page about Yoga for more information about these forms of yoga.) Any certified instructor in these forms of yoga should be able to help and guide you.

Since yoga is practiced by most Hindus, kundalini is best known and associated with the religion called Hinduism. However, kundalini is not limited to Hinduism as it is a universal energy force. Kundalini is also well known and worked with in Buddhism, especially Tibetan Buddhism. Moreover, Tibetan Buddhists rarely encounter problems in dealing with kundalini as their approach towards kundalini differs from the Hindu/Tantric/Yogic approach and is centered around the development of the heart chakra.

Kundalini is also referenced in many other religions, but in cryptic, esoteric or secret terms. In the Christian Holy Bible, kundalini is encrypted and referred to as the stairs (or staircase or stairway) to heaven. Kundalini also appears as Moses' rod/serpent.


would you please recommend some book to me on the kundalini? i am just starting working with it and the Lord's Prayer.

thank you! ann
29 March 2009

Hi, Ann -

For you, I'll recommend two books. First, read Shakti - An Introduction to Kundalini Maha Yoga by Shri Dhyanyogi Madhusudandasji. Then, read Taming the Kundalini by Swami Satyananda Saraswati. (NOTE: I read them in the reverse order and purchased them via

Regards, John
4 April 2009

NOTE: Those are the two books that I would recommend to begin with to anyone with some knowledge of yoga and chakras.

Clearing the Kundalini Channel

On August 8, 2009, I attended a workshop called "Clearing the Kundalini Channel". At the end of the 2-day class and after all of the tweaking that was done, the flow of my kundalini increased by at least 300% (according to my personal ability to dowse. Note the 2-day class will be expanded to a 3-day class).

The organization that offers this class is primarily a group of healers, who are training healers. There is no other organization or individual that I know of who offers such a workshop at this time. Also, there is nothing in the Kundalini Yoga training that I learned that can clear "gunk" in the Kundalini channel to improve the flow of kundalini, as was done in this class.

Furthermore, there were notable differences between what I was taught about Kundalini in this class and all of the books that I read about Kundalini. As you might guess, I believe what I was taught in this class because of the changes that I experienced.

So, I highly recommend this class to anyone who works with or is seriously interested in Kundalini. If you know about kundalini from kundalini yoga instructors and/or books, (in my opinion) it is worth while to take this class just to learn about these differences. Find more information about the Clearing the Kundalini Channel workshop at


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