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Mennonite (or Anabaptist) including Amish, Brethren and Hutterites

The Christian Protestant Mennonite Church has an estimated 1,300,000 followers or Mennonites (or Anabaptists). The Mennonite Church was founded in Switzerland by a group of Protestant reformers (as in Protestant Reformation) on January 21, 1525 (the birth-date of Anabaptism).

These reformers rejected their baptism during infancy in favor of baptism in adulthood, when one could choose and confess his/her faith. These re-baptized Christians were called "Anabaptists".

In 1536, a Catholic priest named Menno Simons (born in 1496) joined the Anabaptists and became their leader. Menno taught simple communal life, a characteristic of Mennonites. Followers of Menno became known as "Mennonites".

There are about 60 separate Anabaptist or Mennonite groups with common historical roots including:

Amish, which was founded by Jacob Ammann, a Swiss Anabaptist leader, who stressed "shunning" (or banning individuals who did not follow the rules) in 1693. His followers were called "Amish". There are 40,000 Amish Mennonites in Pennsylvania today, who are well-known for their way of dress and simple life. The Amish have sub-groups including Old Order Amish, New Order Amish, Beachy Amish and Amish Mennonite.

Hutterites, who were a migrant group of Anabaptists, founded by Jacob Wiederman and Jacob Hutter in 1528-1529 in Moravia and later, migrated through eastern Europe, the United States (particularly, in the Dakotas and Northwestern states bordering Canada) and then, into Canada. Hutterites speak a German dialect. There are three sub-groups of Hutterites called Schmiedeleut, Dariusleut and Lehrerleut. They now total about 40,000 in Canada and Northwestern United States.

Old Order River Brethren

Church of the Brethren

Brethren in Christ Churches

Mennonite Brethren

Church of God in Christ Mennonite (Holdeman)

Conservative Mennonite

Evangelical Mennonite Brethren

Evangelical Mennonite Church

Mennonite Christian Fellowship

Mennonite Fellowship Churches

Old Order Mennonites

Old Colony Mennonite

Reformed Mennonite

Reinlander Mennonite

General Conference Mennonite

Mennonite Church


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