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Beliefs of the Kogi Indians

The Kogi Indians are descendants of the Taironas, who were decimated by Spanish invaders in the 15th century. The Kogi have been living in the mountains (Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta) of Columbia, South America for the last five centuries.

Taironas had great respect for nature and tried to live in harmony with it and so are their descendants. The Kogi believe in "Aluna" (Holy Spirit, Spirit World or ocean of spirit containing all life). They believe that everything that exists and every event that happens in the physical world also exists/happens in the spirit world, that is invisible to the naked eye. This includes every human being, animal, plant, mineral (like stone) and thought as well.

In 1990, after hiding from modern civilization for five centuries, the Kogi came out to warn us that our earth is being destroyed by global warming that is specifically due to cutting down trees and removing and using fuels from the earth.

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