A Guide to Religions, Religious Information and Help in Search for God


The following is the hierarchy of religions based on the speed in which the religions can usually get a person in contact with their higher self. The rankings are generalized rather than absolute, which means that some people may make faster progress with a specific lower ranked religion than those that are ranked higher..

It is not necessary to go up only one step up at a time. You can skip steps. For example, a person who does not make any progress with the 9th ranked Shintoism can try switching directly to the 3rd ranked Zen Buddhism. If that person likes and can master Zen Buddhism, then terrific! However, if that person does not like and can not master Zen Buddhism after a few years, then it may be wise to switch to a lower ranked religion like the 5th ranked Shamanism or 6th ranked Buddhism.

Also, remember the footnotes at the bottom of the HOME / INDEX page regarding spiritual evolution. Furthermore, beware that you are free to change your religion and religious beliefs at any time. It is possible to make tremendous progress during one lifetime though the use of many religious teachings (preferably, one religion at a time. However, note that people who earn degrees in Religion like the Master of Divinity and Doctor of Divinity degrees at seminaries or universities study multiple religions.).

1) RESERVED for religions that are currently dormant including ancient religions involving avatars and ascended masters, especially ones who lived prior to recorded history. . :

2) Hinduism with Yoga (full practice).

3) Mysticism (including Christian Mysticism, Kabbalah (Judaism), Sufism (Sikhism), Tibetan Buddhism, Zen Buddhism, Taoism (modern day with the use of spiritual entities))

4) Hinduism without Yoga .

5) Shamanism.

6) Buddhism, Sikhism, Zoroastrianism.

7) Christianity (including most sects).

8) Judaism, Islam (Muslim)

9) Shintoism.

10) Confucianism


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