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In her book titled "ILLUMINATING the AFTERLIFE : Your Soul's Journey Through the Worlds Beyond", Cyndi Dale (2008, Sounds True, Inc., page 67) offers a new explanation of what hell is, one that is not found in any spiritual scriptures. Ms. Dale writes "...hell is created from belief. People enter and remain anchored in the space, which is formed by thoughts...".

Some religions teach of a place called "hell". Major religions that have hell include Christianity and Islam.

In the Christian Holy Bible, Jesus Christ of Nazareth says "But I will forewarn you whom ye shall fear: Fear Him, which after He hath killed hath Power to cast into Hell; yea, I say unto you, Fear Him." Luke 12:5 So, most Christians regard hell as a place where unrepentant sinners are punished forever.

Some describe hell to be fiery pit (or place with hell fire), where we can suffer eternally. (However, that idea clearly goes against the concept of love, which is taught in Christianity and most other religions.)

Jesus Christ of Nazareth never described what hell was like nor mentioned where it was. From what Jesus said, we can only assume that hell is an undesirable place to be in.

Some religions have various types of hell, some being worse than others. There are also some religions that have a hell (or a place like it), where sinners may be sent temporarily (not permanently) to suffer for their sins after dying.

There are also major religions that do not have hell. They include Judaism and Taoism. has another possible view of hell and where it is. Hell is the opposite of heaven. Hell is the physical plane (or material world) that we live in, while heaven is the spiritual plane (or spirit world).

When most people think of heaven, they instinctively look up towards the sky and stars (at night). When most people think of hell, they instinctively look down at the earth (land or sea) beneath them and sometimes, think of what is below the earth. This is no coincidence.

Hell is here and here is hell. Also, it can be worse on Judgement Day.

( believes in the concept of reincarnation as does many major religions including Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism and most Judaic sects. With reincarnation in mind, we believe that hell may be in the worlds of "lower" life forms. This view is in line with the beliefs held in the religions of Buddhism and Hinduism.)

For human beings, it can be reincarnation in the form of animals including mammals (apes, monkeys, dogs, cats, horses, ...), birds, insects, reptiles, fish and sea creatures.

For animals, it can be reincarnation in the form of plants including trees, shrubs, plants, weeds, grass and sea vegetation.

For plants, it can be reincarnation in the form of minerals. In case you have never seen living minerals, an example is the bones in your body. Your bones are minerals and alive.

Also, we should not ignore the facts that modern science has uncovered for us. Those who do are fools. There was a time when deeply religious people thought that the earth was flat and the Sun was God. From Geology and the study of fossils and skeletal remains, we should know that:

about 4,500,000,000 years ago - Earth's crust began to form from a cloud of dust

about 3,000,000,000 years ago - the first bacteria appear

about 2,500,000,000 years ago - there was widespread volcanic activity

about 510,000,000 to 570,000,000 years ago, known as the Cambrian period - the first fish, jellyfish and mollusks appear

about 439,000,000 to 510,000,000 years ago, known as the Ordovician period - reef-building corals appear about 409,000,000 to 439,000,000 years ago, known as the Silurian period - the first plants and air-breathing animals appear

about 363,000,000 to 409,000,000 years ago, known as the Devonian period - sharks colonize the oceans and insects and amphibians appear

about 290,000,000 to 363,000,000 years ago, known as the Carboniferous period - the first reptiles appear

about 245,000,000 to 290,000,000 years ago, known as the Permian period - mammal-like reptiles dominate the land

about 208,000,000 to 245,000,000 years ago, known as the Triassic period - reptiles, especially dinosaurs, evolve

about 145,000,000 to 208,000,000 years ago, known as the Jurassic period - dinosaurs dominate the land

about 65,000,000 to 145,000,000 years ago, known as the Cretaceous period - flowering plants evolve; dinosaurs die out

about 2,000,000 to 65,000,000 years ago, known as the Tertiary period - mammals spread

about 2,000,000 years ago to present, known as the Quaternary period - humans appear

only about 15,000 to 25,000 years ago, the ancestors of Native Indians migrated from Asia to the Americas in three great waves.

Only about 2,500 years ago, Buddha (Siddhartha Gautama) was born.

Only about 2,005 years ago, Jesus Christ of Nazareth was born.

Only about 1,435 years ago, the prophet Muhammad was born.

Only about 160 years ago, Bahá'u'lláh (Mirza Husayn-`Alí Nuri) of the religion Bahá'í was born.


The term "years", as used above, are Gregorian calendar years that Americans use. There are other calender systems that are used by different cultures. For example, the Ancient Egyptian, Bahá'í, Chinese, French Republican, Hebrew, Indian Civil, Islamic (or Muslim), Julian, Mayan, Mexica/Aztec, Persian,....

Evolution is a fact. Almost 99 percent of the DNA in a chimpanzee is identical to human beings.

The time will come when all of mankind will acknowledge the existence of life on other planets in our galaxy and in other galaxies as well.


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