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Spiritual Evolution

We are spiritual beings who have temporarily incarnated as human beings on Earth for four basic reasons:   for power, for sex, to have children and/or to work off karma. Some spiritual beings (very few; less than one in a million) also incarnate as human beings to help others along the spiritual path.

During each life time, we reach a certain stage in terms of spiritual evolution. The highest stage has been referred to as nirvana or enlightenment. It is a stage in which we can become spiritual beings, who are able to see, hear and experience the spirit world.

There are also three different ways to view a person's spiritual evolution. First, there is the person's entire history of past lives and stages of spiritual evolution attained in each past life. The higher the spiritual evolution attained in past lives, the easier it is to attain the same and higher in the current life time. Second, a person's spiritual evolution can be viewed as what he/she has attained in the current life time. Third, a person's spiritual evolution can be viewed as the total or composite of his/her spiritual evolution during all past and current life times. This view of spiritual evolution has a bearing on the person's spiritual evolution in future lives (or incarnations, if needed).


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