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Episcopalianism (Anglican)

The Christian Protestant religion of Episcopalianism has an estimated 2,700,000 followers or Episcopalians (Anglicans). The Anglican church (a.k.a. Church of England) separated from the Roman Catholic church by King Henry VIII circa 1529-1536. The Episcopal church was founded by followers of the Anglican Church in United States circa 1784. The church is called "Episcopal" In the United States and Scotland, while it is called "Anglican" elsewhere.

Unlike the Roman Catholic church, the Anglican/Episcopal church has no central administration. It is bound by shared tradition and belief in the Holy Bible and a Book of Common Prayer, that was first assembled in 1549 and last updated in 1979.

However, the Episcopal organizational structure is similar to that of the Roman Catholic Church and Eastern Orthodox Church and according to legend, can be traced back to the Jesus Christ's apostles. The head of a local church is called a "bishop", who is led by an "archbishop". Bishops ordain "priests".


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