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Encryption of Holy Scriptures (Christian, Judaic, Hindu, Buddhist and more)

Many holy scriptures are encrypted with the use symbols, imagery, myth and other techniques. This hides the true meaning of these scriptures from most people for various reasons including the fact that most people are not ready to know the information. Encryption also protects the writers, believers and supporters from being harmed by those who would disagree and not support such information. Furthermore, encryption protects those who might misuse the information and harm others and/or themselves with such information.

Holy Bible of Christianity

There are some people who understand the metaphysical meaning of the contents of the Holy Bible, which is encrypted to some degree. The Search for God study groups (1942) of the Association for Research and Enlightenment, Inc. divulged some of it in their study guides.

A more detailed work containing the secret code to properly interpret the Bible is revealed in The Hidden Mystery of the Bible by Jack Addington (DeVorss & Company, Reprint edition - 1969, ISBN 087516696-2). There are also other editions including:
Dodd, Mead - 1987, ISBN 0396059759;
Penguin Group - October 1987, ISBN 0396091830;
Perigee - July 1988, ISBN 0399550038.

Eastern Religions including Buddhism and Hinduism

The same secret code that unlocks the Holy Bible will also unlock spiritual scriptures of Eastern religions including Buddhism and Hinduism.


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