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It is important for all human beings to learn about duality. In most religious and spiritual scriptures, that are written by holy people for all people to read and learn from, the basic concept of duality appears in some way.

Duality exists only on the physical plane (or material world) that we live in. (See Note 1.) Out of all religions, Taoism emphasizes or stresses duality the most and its Yin Yang symbol clearly depicts duality. Some examples of duality include:

Good & Bad (or Evil)

Light (or White. See note 2.) & Dark (Darkness or Black)

Energy & Matter

Expansion & Contraction

Macrocosm & Microcosm

Centrifugal & Centripetal

Acid & Base

On & Off

Male & Female

Virtue & Sin

Love & Hate

Pleasure & Pain

Peace & War

Life & Death (See note 3.)

Gain & Loss (See note 4.)


1) The physical plane (or material world) that we live in is different from and overlapped by the spiritual plane (or spirit world). The spiritual plane can not be seen using the our physical eyes, but can be seen with our third or fifth eye (related to our pineal and pituitary glands, respectively).

The spiritual and physical planes may be referred to as heaven and hell, respectively. It may be difficult to realize and accept the fact that we are in hell, but it is in hell where we are being tested and/or learn our lessons to be spiritually fit.

Also, while the physical plane consists of one single plane, the spiritual plane is composed of and has been classified in up to 143 sub-planes. These sub-planes include those commonly referred to as the astral, causal and celestial planes.

2) We know from science that white light is composed of all colors. White light can be broken into a rainbow of basic colors using a spectrum glass. Also, these basic colors can be mixed to create an unlimited number of other shades of colors.

3) Life and death are really terms for our transition from the physical plane to the spiritual plane. When the physical layer (one of seven layers) of our body dies on the physical plane, the other layers continue to exist on the spiritual plane.

4) Gain and loss is one of the most complicated or tricky dualities to comprehend or understand. On the physical plane (or material world), a physical loss is often a spiritual gain.


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