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Religious Cults

In regards to cults, there are three important points:


The main issue with cults is usually "over-protection" of its followers. Over-protection is an extreme, just like "under-protection" and is the same as with parenting. Sometimes, over-protection has good results and sometimes, bad results. It's also the same for under-protection. It is also possible for religious organizations to be misjudged or even, attacked with lies. So, in most cases, a very limited and reasonable amount of protection of its followers works best.


The most highly advanced spiritual people can still have flaws. All human beings, even avatars can still commit a sin. However, a flawed person is not necessarily an evil person. (For example: While not an avatar, Guru A. D. is one of the most highly advanced spiritual people who has ever lived. His famous ashram, Americanized-style of yoga and making yoga popular in the West was his manifestation and accomplishments. Yet, he committed adultery with some of his female disciples. Although this Guru had this little, but extremely high-profile weakness, he was and is an overly GOOD and productive person, who has helped many people.)


Organizations that have been labelled as "cults" are so to varying degrees. In other words, some cults are good, some cults are bad and some are in between. Moreover, all of the major religions also have good points as well as bad points or in more polite words, strengths and weaknesses. Unless you can find and be with an avatar, who are usually few in number, you need to accept the fact that most people have some flaws or weaknesses and be forgiving. You may still learn from teachers, who are higher up on the spiritual ladder than you.



Taking into account the three points above, RELIGION-INFO.COM will not label nor regard any religious organization as a cult. Furthermore, like an individual person, any religious organization can change from good to bad, or bad to good at any time, especially with changes in leadership.


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