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Congregational Church (Christian)

The Christian Protestant Congregational Church has an estimated 2,000,000 followers or Congregational worshipers. Congregationalism had it's origins in the Reformation in England and started in the 1700's. Congregational churches are usually formed independently, as were many other independent Christian churches.

In Scotland, some of independent Christian churches had formed the Congregational Union in 1831. In the United States, the Congregational Church merged with the Christian Church to form the General Council of the Congregational Christian Churches in 1931. One of the Christian churches was formed by James O'Kelly in the Virginia/North Carolina area in 1794. In Canada, the Congregational Churches began at Quebec in 1801 and at Frome in 1819.

Most Congregational churches are independent congregations of Christians, as there is no central headquarters with authority. However, in recent decades, some umbrella organizations have been established to link member churches together, but with very limited authority. The Congregation Federation Ltd was formed in Great Britain in 1972 and included 313 churches in 2002 with 10,883 members. There is now also the International Congregational Fellowship.


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