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Celibacy and Spiritual Advancement

Celibacy (brahmacharya) means abstaining from marriage and sexual relations. Historically, celibacy has a been required practice at the highest levels in many religious groups. Using common sense, celibacy does save energy and time for use in spiritual endeavors.

However, is celibacy really necessary? It varies on an individual basis. Note that some people like the current Dalai Lama were born enlightened. However, for people who are relatively new on the spiritual path, celibacy may be critical to making significant progress. Of course, celibacy also means sacrificing the right to have children. That may be more important for some women, in child bearing age. Some women, who practiced celibacy and look back in time, consider that as their only regret. (Note that assumes their children would have become good people, who they would have been proud of. The opposite could have happened.)


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