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Angels & Archangels

Angels are real spiritual beings and mentioned in the Christian, Judaic and Islamic bibles. Some people who have clairvoyant vision and can see auras have also claimed to see angels. Also, some people who are clairaudient and can hear their inner guide have also claimed to hear angels.

There several types of angels including:
Archangels (Spirits of Fire),
Cherubs (Spirits of Harmony),
Dominions (Spirits of Wisdom and Knowledge),
Nephilim (Earth Angels),
Principalities (Angels of Time and Personality),
Powers (Angels of Form and Space),
Seraphim (Spirits of Love),
Shining Ones,
Thrones (Record Keepers of Universal Laws),
Virtues (Angers of Movement and Free Will)
and other type of angels. Furthermore, there are guardian angels that are always around us.

Every human being is usually accompanied by a least two guardian angels throughout their entire lifetime. One angel usually has masculine traits, while the other angel usually has feminine traits. Also, one angel has usually lived at least one lifetime as a human being, while the other angel has not.

Archangels are very powerful and gifted angels. Most archangels have various specialties and help those who call upon them. There are many archangels including:
Archangel Ariel (for helping animals and the environment),
Archangel Gabiel (for child conception; adopting children; art and communication projects),
Archangel Haniel (for bringing more grace into our lives; improving psychic abilities),
Archangel Jophiel (for beautiful thoughts),
Archangel Metatron (for writing; spiritual understanding),
Archangel Michael (for protection) and
Archangel Raphael (for healing).
One of the best ways to learn more about angels and some of the other archangels is by reading books written (or listening to CD's recorded) by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D. .


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